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Product testing checklist
Product testing checklist

A list of top use cases to optimize your product's selling potential

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Consumer insights are critical to understanding what customers want and need when looking to buy a product. Run these tests to get the necessary data in order to make informed decisions about how best to sell your products, no matter where they are sold. Know what sells before you sell it!

Expand each section below to see our checklist and click each link to see suggested questions, formats and example polls.

Product specific insights

Design iteration

Label designs

Product design

Product inserts

Product modification

Product packaging

Marketing specific insights

A+ content creation or improvements (1-pager/ex. poll)

Ad campaigns (sponsored, social) (1-pager/ex. poll)

“Americanize” your listing (1-pager/ex. poll)

Best main listing image (1-pager/ex. poll)

Brand awareness (1-pager/ex. poll)

Brand story (1-pager/ex. poll)

Branding/logo (1-pager/ex. poll)

Buying behavior online vs retail (1-pager/ex. poll)

Buying intent (1-pager/ex. poll)

Competitive comparisons (1-pager/ex. poll)

Content/message clarity (1-pager/ex. poll)

Copy review (1-pager/ex. poll)

Improve main image (1-pager/ex. poll)

Increase CTR/CR (1-pager/ex. poll)

Infographics (1-pager/ex. poll)

Keyword development (1-pager/ex. poll)

Listing audit (AOI) (1-pager/ex. poll)

Listing optimization (1-pager/ex. poll)

Long-form customer content (1-pager/ex. poll)

Message resonation (1-pager/ex. poll)

Models and voiceovers (1-pager/ex. poll)

New SKU launch (1-pager/ex. poll)

Omnichannel optimization (1-pager/ex. poll)

Pre-launch listing mockups (1-pager/ex. poll)

Prop styling (1-pager/ex. poll)

Rebrands (1-pager/ex. poll)

Retail marketing- shelf placement, endcap design, etc. (1-pager/ex. poll)

Secondary image/video optimization (1-pager/ex. poll)

Short-form customer content (1-pager/ex. poll)

Stagnant sale identification (1-pager/ex. poll)

Storefront/website design (1-pager/ex. poll)

Taglines and CTA (1-pager/ex. poll)

Other insights

Catalog purchase suggestions (1-pager/ex. poll)

Decision fatigue (1-pager/ex. poll)

Gauging interest in new product ideas (1-pager/ex. poll)

Identify areas to reduce returns (1-pager/ex. poll)

Identify your target audience (1-pager/ex. poll)

Pricing (1-pager/ex. poll)

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