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Done-for-you services
Done-for-you services

An overview of our add-on options for when you need a little more support from our expert team.

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At PickFu, we're always exploring new ways to help our customers who know the value of market testing, but either don't have the time and resources OR are newer to our platform and would like extra 1:1 guidance before getting started.

That's why we created these done-for-you (DFY) add-on consulting and creative services to help fill those gaps. Click on each link below to get more information, see current pricing (USD), and submit your request.

DFY: collage creation $20

Use this option if you would like to test a series of images grouped together for a click test like this or to run a comparison collage between two sets of images like this (great for competitive testing). *In addition to the cost of the poll(s).

DFY: poll/survey draft review $40

Need someone to audit your poll or survey draft? Whether you're starting out with your first poll or are creating a large, challenging survey, we're happy to help. With this service, we'll provide suggestions on areas to improve in order to yield better results. *In addition to the cost of the poll(s).

Examples of this would be question phrasing, formatting, audience selection based on your product industry/category, and translating your question to English if you aren't a native speaker (and don't want to use online or AI tools).

If we take a look and don't find anything to improve, we'll credit your PickFu account with credit to use towards the poll.

DFY: build your poll for you $75

Would you rather one of our experts build your test for you? If you're not sure what format to choose, how to phrase your question or the type of audience to target, let us do it for you. Based on your end goal, we'll do the hard work for you and you still get the final approval before paying for/launching your test. With this service, we'll discuss our suggestions for best results. *In addition to the cost of the poll.

DFY: poll/survey draft live consultation $100

If you're feeling stuck or aren't sure how or where to get started, but know what you're trying to achieve by using our platform (product optimization, competitive comparisons, app store icon testing, choosing a book cover design, etc.) schedule this consultation.

You'll get a 30-minute call with our team where we will build your poll together, provide tips and best practices for future tests, and talk through next steps once you get your results. *In addition to the cost of the poll.

DFY: image optimization with our creative team $500

Use this option if you're trying to create the best possible listing image(s) for your product to stand out against your competitors – but you want to rely on our team of experts to get it done for you.

We'll test, design, iterate, and optimize your image based on your consumers' buying behavior and preferences. You can read more about this specific service here. *Includes the cost of the tests.

DFY: custom packages (enterprise clients)

For those of you who want a dedicated CSM to run your polls for you, whether for a special project or ongoing on a month-to-month basis, we can help with that too!

DFY: coaching call with John Aspinall $300

Get a one-on-one meeting with our Brand Evangelist, John Aspinall, to coach you with his merchandising expertise. *May include the cost of poll(s) during a live call (at John's discretion).

*We'll continue adding or trying different offerings, so if there is a service you're interested in that we don't currently have, or if you have any questions, please reach out to us at

**Because we are a small team, we have to prioritize these in the order that they come in. Once we receive your order form with payment, we will reach out with next steps.

NOTICE: We optimize based on the PickFu panel's feedback- we do not take action off our platform. Once we deliver the final design(s), it's up to you to decide how and when to apply the changes as you see fit. Actual performance in a live setting may not mimic the results we see, especially as trends and new competitors change so we recommend testing both regularly to ensure you're maximizing opportunity for growth.

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