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How and why to use our mockup tool to test and optimize your Amazon listing's most important info

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Introduction: The Amazon listing mockup generator tool is a powerful resource that allows sellers to test and optimize their Amazon listings before going live.

In this article, we will explore how, when, and why you should use this tool to enhance your product listings and improve your sales performance on Amazon.

First, for you visual learners, if you haven't watched our webinar where we walked through using the tool, we suggest you give this a watch:

What is the mockup generator?

The mockup generator is a free online tool provided by PickFu that enables sellers to test product listings for 2 main purposes. The first, is to create a fake listing mockup for products that haven't been launched yet, but the seller wants to optimize for best performance before going live. The second, is to compare their ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) against a competitor's ASIN and create listing snapshots.

Why was it created?

The tool was developed in response to the needs of sellers who wanted to test their listings before launching them on Amazon and solve the lacking CR (conversion rate) or CTR (click-through rate) that was going to a competitor. We designed it to save time and assist sellers who lack a creative team or tools like Photoshop or who can't rely on their internal teams for this kind of creative, fast turnaround work.

When should you use the tool?

  1. New product launch: Use the mockup generator tool to validate a new product concept and the correct format of your listing information (title, image, price). This helps minimize the risk of launching your listing live and potentially missing the mark on what buyers are looking for when shopping under your product category online.

  2. Competitive comparison: Compare your listing against top competitors in your market to ensure you can effectively compete, even if you are not yet a well-known brand. The tool allows you to test different elements such as images, titles, pricing, and keywords to identify areas where you can improve and stand out from the competition.

  3. Listing optimization: If you already have an existing product listing, the mockup generator tool can be used to iterate on your design or find areas of improvement. Test different images, angles, titles, and other elements to enhance your listing's performance and maximize click-through rates and conversions.

How do you use the tool?

  1. Enter ASIN and/or keywords: In the mockup generator tool, you can enter your ASIN or relevant keywords to search for your product or products within your selling category. You can also enter multiple ASINs or keywords separated by commas for competitive analysis (or you can even swap out the preloaded images with your own to test your own image variations). *Amazon only allows so much data to be pulled down, as you'll notice with the same star rating and review count as placeholders for every ASIN, but you can edit them if you want them to accurately represent the actual numbers.

  2. Compare listings: The tool will display your ASIN and provide a list of comparable top-ranking competitors. This allows you to compare various elements such as price points, images, titles, and more.

  3. Test and iterate: Utilize the tool's features to test different variations of your listing. Experiment with images, models, features, benefits, pricing, and other creative assets to optimize your listing.

  4. Unify: If you want the audience to only compare or focus on images or title, you can use the unify button to make the star rating, price and review count match up.

  5. Launch polls: Once you have created the mockups as you want them, you can launch polls directly from the tool to a poll to gather valuable feedback from your target consumer market. Ask them which listing they would be more inclined to click on and purchase, and collect their insights on why they made their choice.

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