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How to use PickFu throughout your entire selling journey.
How to use PickFu throughout your entire selling journey.

Your market research testing guide: poll examples for every stage using consumer feedback to get from idea to reality.

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Concept validation

Will your product sell? Which variants should you offer? Before spending a dime on sourcing or production, take your ideas to PickFu and ask your target market which they would buy.

Branding, logos, taglines

Your product name, logo and tagline need to make the best first impression. Split test your designs on PickFu to see which ones resonate with your target audience and why.

Product design

In e-commerce, we shop with our eyes. Use PickFu to maximize the impact of your main image and boost your click-through rate. Your target market will tell you what they’re more likely to click on and buy.


Packaging can help or hurt your sales. Color, material, shape, graphics - it all matters. Create a PickFu poll to get feedback on your options, then use that to make your packaging stand out.

Listing optimization- title, features, description, images

Is your title clear and your description compelling? Or do they leave questions unanswered? Build on your product title and description with easy-to-read, informative points. Make sure your copy, listing photos, bulleted features pack a punch by testing them on PickFu.

Cost comparison

Trying to decide how much to charge for your product or wondering how much more you could profit if you added a new feature? Run a poll asking how much your target audience would pay and have a clear path to pricing your listing.

Competitive analysis

How do you compare to your competitors? What do they offer that you don’t, and vice versa? Finding out is as simple as taking screenshots of their products, websites, or listings and testing them against yours using PickFu.

Amazon content and videos

Enhanced visuals on your product page can give you the edge. Test each element of your A+ content on your target audience in a safe, “sandbox” environment. You can also load videos, audio clips and collages on PickFu for open-ended feedback.

Post-launch improvements

Continually use PickFu as an optimization tool for getting unbiased feedback quickly as you expand inventory, edit listings, and evolve your brand.

Ready to give PickFu a try? Head to to create your first poll, or email today to schedule a strategy call and discuss your polling goals.

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