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Poll results
Poll results

Now that your poll is complete, what happens next?

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Reviewing your results

How to understand and analyze your poll results.

Tips for interpreting and analyzing resultsBest practices to help you get the most out of your poll results.
Got results, what's next?Actions you can take after you receive your poll results.
How are the scores calculated?When a poll has more than one option, how is a clear winner determined?
Rating respondent comments helpful or not helpfulIf the feedback was insightful or useful, let us know by ranking the comments.
Pinning responsesTo make note of your favorite or most helpful responses, just put a pin on it
Follow-up questionsNeed more detail? Contact a respondent directly.
Filtering poll resultsKeyword searching and demographic segmentation
Interpreting tied resultsWhat should you take away from a tied poll or a poll without a clear winner?
How to share survey resultsShare your completed polls or filtered results with colleagues
How to download resultsSave your results and run your own analysis
How to add more respondents to your pollIf your poll results are tied or close, you may want to extend your poll with a larger sample size. Here's how.
How to translate your results into another languageTranslating results using Google Docs and Word
Why was my poll stopped early?Reasons why polls are stopped early and didn't complete the full sample size
When and why to archive a pollAfter running polls and analyzing the results, you can archive polls when you no longer need quick access to them.
Poll privacyWho can see your poll results?
Poll qualityFAQs related to trusting the results, PickFu's satisfaction guarantee, polls with typos, and randomized presentation order