Why was my poll stopped early?

Reasons why polls are stopped early and didn't complete the full sample size

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PickFu polls are a valuable tool for gathering insights and opinions, but sometimes they might be stopped early before receiving all requested responses.

PickFu uses numerous automated and human methods to ensure all polls meet certain standards. Here are some reasons why your poll might be stopped early, and what you should expect in such cases.

  1. Options / poll type mismatch. Polls might be automatically stopped if there is a mismatch between the options and the poll type. For example, if you upload a collage of images without choosing a Click Test, our systems may stop the poll early.

  2. Options issues. If one or more options didn't upload correctly, panelists would not be able to properly evaluate all your options. In this case, our systems will likely stop the poll.

  3. Soliciting respondents. Soliciting PickFu respondents to sign up for any service or take action off our platform (like creating an account on a site or submitting fake customer reviews for a product listing) is prohibited. Any poll found to violate this rule will be stopped early.

  4. Timeout due to insufficient respondents. If our systems cannot find enough respondents to answer your poll within a given time, the poll might end early due to a timeout.

What Happens if a Poll Ends Early?

If your poll is stopped early, you will receive a prorated credit into your PickFu account. Additionally, you’ll get an email notification informing you that your poll was stopped before receiving all responses.

Understanding the common reasons for early poll stoppage can help you avoid issues and ensure a smoother experience. Remember these factors when creating your next poll to maximize your chances of receiving all the responses you need.

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