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Rating respondent comments helpful or not helpful
Rating respondent comments helpful or not helpful

If the feedback was insightful or useful, let us know by ranking the comments.

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Updated over a week ago

How to mark Helpful or Not helpful

PickFu has safeguards in place to ensure that the people who participate in your polls answer them honestly and thoughtfully. One such safeguard is your ability to rate respondents. Here are the steps to do it:

1. When your poll is complete, take the time to read through each comment. If an answer is particularly insightful, click the thumbs-up icon just below that response.

<img alt="helpful vote" style="width:auto;">

Once you click the thumbs-up icon, a pop-up window gives you choices for liking a specific response.

<img alt="why is this answer helpful?" style="width:auto;">

2. Similarly, if any response was inappropriate, didn't answer your question, or is displeasing in some way, click the thumbs-down icon. Select which reason you did not like the response, and your input will be shared with the PickFu team (not with the person who wrote it).

<img alt="not helpful thumbs down vote" style="width:auto;">

Filtering by helpfulness

<img alt="Submitting your not helpful vote" style="width:auto;">

After you have marked responses as Helpful or Not helpful, you can filter the results by:

  • just the Helpful responses

  • just the Not Helpful responses

  • or everything but the Not helpful responses.

<img alt="How to use filters for helpful not helpful votes" style="width:auto;">

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