Got results, what's next?

Actions you can take after you receive your poll results.

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After running a PickFu poll, you might be wondering, “ what?”

Below are a few actions you can take next:

  • Ask follow-up questions: Did you know that you can reach out to respondents directly and ask a follow-up question? Use follow-ups if you want a particular respondent to elaborate on or clarify their feedback or to answer a related question.

  • Filter feedback: You can filter responses by demographic traits to see how different groups reacted. Look at the filtered results to learn even more about segments of your audience. If you're on our Professional membership plan, you have access to even more filtering options.

  • Add more people to your poll: At any time, you can widen your sample size by clicking on + Add More Respondents in the top right corner. This way, you’ll get even more feedback on your poll while ensuring no respondent answers the same poll twice.

  • Share results: To share your results with colleagues, simply copy and paste the URL to your results page. You can even share filtered views, which is especially useful when you follow the next tip.

  • Vote on feedback: For every response, you can mark if the feedback was “Helpful” or “Not helpful.” This signifier helps us improve the quality of our panel and ensures that you consistently get helpful insights. You can share only "Helpful" comments by copying the URL that includes this filter.

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