PickFu offers two types of filters: text filters and audience filters.

Text Filtering

  1. Go to My Polls and on the right-hand side, click "Poll Results."

2. From the Poll Results window, scroll down to Responses. In the text search box, type text to filter responses by the text you entered. The most commonly found words in the responses are already pre-populated in the text search drop-down.

Sample text filter results

Audience filtering

1. Click "ALL FILTERS" as shown below, or one of the shortcuts next to it.

2. Start filtering responses by clicking on demographic traits or poll options.

Sharing a filtered view

1. If you click "Share results" at the top of your poll results page, that is a link to your completed poll. If you wish to share filtered results, please see step 2.

2. After filtering the responses you want shown, you can share this view with others. Copy the entire url link and share it with whomever you wish.  The url will auto-apply any filtering you have chosen as you make changes:

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