Filtering poll results

Keyword searching and demographic segmentation

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PickFu offers two types of filters: text filters and audience filters.

Text filtering

From your account homepage, find the poll you want to review and click View results.

<img alt="view results button" style="width:auto;">

From the poll results, use the text box to enter any word or phrase you’d like to search. The most commonly found words in the responses pre-populate in the drop-down menu under the text box.

When you type in a keyword, you will see only responses that contain that specific word. Below is an example of what filtered results look like for the word color:

<img alt="filter and see drop down menu for keywords" style="width:auto;">

The next screenshot shows all the keywords in the drop-down menu if you do not type in any keywords. These are the most commonly used words in the responses.

<img alt="filter by keywords drop down menu" style="width:auto;">

Audience filtering

1. Click All filters as shown below or use one of the shortcuts to the left of it.

<img alt="video walkthrough" style="width:auto;">

2. Filter responses by clicking on demographic traits, poll options, or a combination.

3. To return to an unfiltered view or to change the chosen filter, click Clear filters.

<img alt="filtered results" style="width:auto;">

Sharing a filtered view

1. At the top of your poll results page, the share icon provides a link to your completed poll.

<img alt="share icon" style="width:auto;">

<img alt="send follow up question to a respondent button" style="width:auto;">

2. As you filter responses, this URL will change. Copy the entire URL link to share the filtered view with someone.

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