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Follow-up questions

Need more detail? Contact a respondent directly.

Updated over a week ago

If a certain respondent wrote something you want clarification or further input on, PickFu offers the ability to ask that respondent a follow-up question. To do this, simply click Ask follow-up below the response.

<img alt="how to ask for a follow up from respondents" style="width:auto;">

Ask your follow-up question, then click Send follow-up question.

<img alt="how to submit a follow up question" style="width:auto;">

Please note that when you ask a follow-up question, it is against TOS to ask respondents for their personal information such as email address, etc.

<img alt="no personal information can be provided from our respondents" style="width:auto;">

Here’s an example of a completed follow-up question:

<img alt="follow up question example" style="width:auto;">

Cost of follow-up questions

You need prepaid credit to ask follow-up questions. You can purchase credit as needed in increments of $25, $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000. Buy credits on our pricing page.

Each follow-up question costs the same as your plan’s per-response cost. For example, if you pay $1.00 per response, each follow-up question will also be $1.00.

If the respondent doesn't reply within two days, your account will be credited the cost in prepaid credit.

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