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How to add more respondents to your poll
How to add more respondents to your poll

If your poll results are tied or close, you may want to extend your poll with a larger sample size. Here's how.

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Adding respondents after your poll is completed widens your sample size. This is a better option than re-running the same poll separately. By using the Add more respondents function, you're guaranteed to get different respondents than the ones you already polled.

To add responses, click the +Add more respondents button near the top right of your poll results. **Please note this functionality isn't available on 5-person polls.

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On the next screen, you'll see a drop-down to increase your respondents. This drop-down will show the price of the addition according to plan tier (Free Forever, Starter, Professional, Business, or Enterprise).

<img alt="drop down menu for adding respondents" style="width:auto;">

Choose the option you want, and complete checkout by clicking on the Complete Order button.

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Note: You can extend a PickFu poll within 120 days of completion; after that, you no longer have the option to add more respondents.

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