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FAQs related to trusting the results, PickFu's satisfaction guarantee, polls with typos, and randomized presentation order

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How can I trust that the results are from real people? Is there any way to guarantee the integrity of the results?

While any individual opinion might be biased, there's accuracy (and insight) in numbers. And because our workers are not affiliated with your brand or cause, you'll get fresh eyes and truly unbiased answers to your polls.

Our respondents are individuals that we recruit from various online panels.  All are required to sign an NDA and provide demographic information to enable our targeting feature.  Poor responders (based on customer feedback) are banned from the system and excellent responders get bonuses.  

Is this a scientific poll/perfectly random sampling of the general public?

No - carrying out a perfectly representative poll would cost thousands of dollars and take much more time to complete. PickFu offers quick opinions and insights from an unbiased group with similar demographics as the general population for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

Yes. We stand behind our service 100%. If you are unsatisfied, please contact us, and we will gladly refund your credits so that you can run your poll again. However, please be aware we cannot offer cash refunds for polls that have already been run.

I made a mistake. Can I stop my poll?

We cannot pause and restart a poll once it has launched because if a poll question or its options were to be edited mid-way, the results would be unreliable. If you found a major mistake or forgot to add an image, URL or context, please stop your poll right away (it will be a red stop button in the upper righthand side of your screen). Once done, the credit for any missing responses will automatically be applied to your account and then you can duplicate it and make the necessary edits before relaunching using the credit on your account. Please take advantage of the Preview function before publishing your poll. We do not issue refunds for typos and other user errors.

My poll ended in a tie. What now?

Sometimes ties occur, and there are several ways to interpret a tied result. It might mean the audience saw little discernible difference between the options presented. Or it might mean that equal-sized segments showed a strong preference for their choice. But a tie is information that in itself can be valuable. Here are several real-world examples of tied PickFu polls. Because ties are valid poll results, PickFu does not offer refunds in the event of ties.

Are the options shown to responders in random order?

Yes, we randomize the order of the options. However, we keep the labeling consistent (i.e., ”A” or "B"). This means that while the order of options will change (sometimes Option B will be presented before Option A), Option B will be called Option B in both instances. Here's an example poll to demonstrate.

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