As you review your poll results, keep these four tips in mind:

  1. Look for recurring themes. Every respondent provided you with written feedback. What words or phrases are repeated? What can you learn from hearing similar feedback from multiple people?

  2. Analyze from all angles. Just above the written responses, Filters enable you to review results by age and gender. (If you’re a Professional Member, you can also filter by traits like income, race, and education). When you segment your responses this way, what can you learn about your audience or their preferences?

  3. Look for the reason why. When reviewing results, seek to understand why each respondent answered the way they did. Were they distracted or confused by something? Did they fully understand the question? Make sure to consider all of these factors when interpreting your results.

  4. Look for the lemonade. Not everyone is going to choose your favorite option or respond favorably to your poll. Sometimes the truth can be hard to hear. But don’t get discouraged! Find a way to let those “negative” responses help you make your product, book, idea, or app even stronger.

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