Anatomy of a PickFu poll

Step-by-step walkthrough of a poll result

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  • A PickFu poll consists of a single question and up to 8 answer options.

  • An answer option can be plain text, an image, a URL (clickable), or an audio or video media file.

  • Once you publish your poll, PickFu will immediately invite respondents to vote on your answer options and explain their choice.

  • Respondents will start answering right away. You could have results that same day, depending on how many demographic traits you have selected. The narrower your target audience is, the longer it will take to get all the responses, but polls typically complete the same day or within 24 hours.

Result summary

The final vote tally shows the winning option (unless it is a PickFu Solo poll) with a relative score.

<img alt="Question and Images Being Tested" style="width:auto;">

Written responses

Read explanations from each respondent, and hover over any individual response to see the respondent's demographic profile. Below are written responses from an actual poll. As you can see, 36 respondents favored Option A and 14 voted for Option B, for a total of 50 votes.

<img alt="poll responses" style="width:auto;">

Demographic reporting

Did male or female respondents like the product more? How about people ages 25-34? How did respondents making $31-60k vote?

You can view the breakdown of votes by demographic traits such as income range, education level, and racial or ethnic identity. All polls include age and gender breakdown by default.

This Head-to-head poll example below shows the results by demographics as well as exercise frequency, a behavioral trait selected by the user. You can purchase additional audience reporting to learn even more about our respondents.

<img alt="age range results" style="width:auto;">

<img alt="income range results" style="width:auto;">

<img alt="exercise frequently results" style="width:auto;">

<img alt="gender identity results" style="width:auto;">

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