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Poll type tips

Our top suggestions for choosing the right poll type based on your specific use case

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What you need to know about the different poll formats

The number of variations you need to test will help you determine the format. These can be different brand names, game titles, product colors, listing images, social ad CTA's, book designs, etc. If you are comparing more than one creative asset against another (either your own variations or against a competitor’s), you have several formats to choose from. *No matter what you choose, the respondents must include a written response on EVERY poll format.

If you have 3+ options (aka variations or creative assets) to test, you have 3 poll types to choose from

  • Ranked poll: the panel must rank their most to least favorite and provide a written response. This format is the most popular and typically the least expensive. Example here.

  • Head-to-head (aka round-robin): the respondents will be served a 1:1 matchup of the options (A vs B, B vs C, A vs C) and include a written response for each matchup. Includes a more comprehensive feedback approach so this is one of our more complex and expensive formats. Example here.

  • Click Test: you'll need to use another service to compile the collage of options (like Canva, Adobe, Gsuite, etc.) and then upload that single creative asset which will default to an open-ended poll. From there, select the Click Test add-on. You're able to choose the number of clicks each respondent has (up to 10) and then they provide a written response. Click here to learn more about this format and see what heatmap results you'll get. Example here. *If you upload just a collage of options for the respondents to choose between and don't add on Click Test, your poll will get flagged by them and stopped. The reason for this is that if you don't allow them to interact with your creative asset/collage it's very difficult for you to analyze the results and we want you to avoid that frustration.

2 options

  • Head-to-head: if you upload 2 options, the platform will automatically choose this format for you. This is a traditional a/b test where the respondents must choose one over the other and explain their preference. Example here.

1 option

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