When to use an Open-ended poll

Here are some of the most common reasons for running an Open-ended poll:

  • To gauge interest in a new idea or concept

  • To discover areas for improvement on your product or listing

  • To gather reactions to a marketing creative

By polling your target market before you start ordering, printing or producing, you’ll avoid costly mistakes later on.

There are two add-on features of an Open-ended poll that you might want to consider. The first is to apply a Click Test to your image or listing in order to capture what catches the respondent’s eye first.

The second add-on feature, a 1-5 star rating, is especially helpful for gauging interest in your product or idea. Panelists are asked to provide a star rating as well as a written explanation. With this feedback, you can identify weak spots and address any questions the potential customers might have. When analyzing results, this feature makes your job easier with a clear overall rating and key takeaways. You can read through an example here.

How to build an Open-ended poll on PickFu

  1. In the first step of the Poll Builder, select Open-ended feedback.

  2. Ask a question such as, “After reviewing this image, what questions do you have about this product?” or “Please rank this idea between 1-5 stars and tell me what you would want to see differently (if anything).

  3. Below the image upload section, select either the + 1-5 rating or + click map. With the click map, you have the option to capture between 1 and 10 clicks per respondent.

Pricing for an Open-ended poll

An Open-ended poll starts at $50, $1 per response for a 50-person poll.

With the Click Test add-on it’s $0.50 for the first click and $0.10 for each additional click. For example, a 50-person poll with the click map add-on of 3 clicks would cost $1.70 per respondent ($1 base price + 0.50 for first click + 0.10 for second click + 0.10 for third click) for a total poll cost of $85.

The star rating add-on is $.25 per respondent. For example, a 50-person poll with the star rating feature would cost $1.25 per respondent for a total of $62.50.

The price of an Open-ended poll goes up with additional audience targeting.

Open-ended poll results

After your poll has completed, we’ll email you to let you know your results are ready. Login to your account to see the full report that includes written feedback and depending on the add-on features you’ve chosen, you’ll also receive a star rating or heat map on your image.

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