What is a Click Test?

A Click Test asks respondents to click on an image to create a heatmap of what's grabbing their attention.

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When to use a Click Test

Click Tests are useful to see how respondents interact with your image. You can ask respondents to point out what they notice first, second, third, etc. on a product packaging design or print advertisement. This heatmap helps you understand your information architecture and the order in which design elements are taken in.

Alternatively, you might use a Click Test to see which search result respondents would click on. Or, with an image of a store shelf, you might ask which product stands out at first glance. These results will help you understand what draws the eye in a crowded marketplace.

How to build a Click Test with PickFu

1. Navigate to the Poll Builder by clicking the "New poll" dropdown > "Open poll builder" or from the "Design your own poll" card on the Templates page.

2. Ask a question such as, “When looking at the image below, what is the first thing you notice?” or “Please click on the designs in the order of your preference.

The PickFu poll builder question box with an arrow pointing to the question.

3. Upload your image.

The PickFu poll builder option upload card, with an arrow pointing to an uploaded image.

4. Select "Click Test" as your poll type, and choose how many clicks you want to capture. Multiple clicks are best if you want to understand sequential actions or capture multiple preferences.

The PickFu poll builder poll type selector, with an arrow pointing to "Click test" and the click count slider.

5. Finish adjusting your poll and checkout. We'll begin collecting clicks and generating an interactive heatmap.

Click Test pricing

Each Click Test is $0.50 for the first click and $0.10 for each additional click you want to capture. For example, a poll with 3 clicks would cost $1.70 per respondent ($1 base price + 0.50 for first click + 0.10 for second click + 0.10 for third click), before audience targeting or other add-ons.

Click Test results

After your poll has completed, you’ll see a heatmap on your image where each respondent clicked. There are a few ways to analyze the data.

1. Areas with many clicks appear as "hot" clusters. You can hover over individual clicks to see respondent comments and demographic data.

A click test results page, with an arrow pointing to a popup that appears when hovering over an individual click.

2. Responses can be filtered to a specific area of the image by clicking and dragging to select a group of clicks. This is a great way to quickly focus on sections with lots of clicks.

A PickFu click test results page, with an arrow pointing towards a selection of clicks, and a popup box that appears to prompt you to filter on the selected clicks.

3. Hovering over responses will show where respondents clicks and in what order. This is useful for digging deeper into sequential preference or more detailed responses.

A PickFu click test results page, showing several responses with an arrow pointing to the highlighted response.

Refer to additional resources from our PickFu resources library: Everything you need to know to run your first poll.

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