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Options for building your poll
Options for building your poll

Should you use a Template or design your poll from scratch? Here's an overview of the different ways to create a poll in PickFu.

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When you create a poll in PickFu, should you use a Template or build it from scratch? Here's an overview of our different poll formatting options and when to use them.

Design your own (Poll Builder)

Want access to our full suite of customizations, add-ons, and targeting options? Design your own poll from scratch with the Poll Builder. This is also a great way to get familiar with everything we have to offer for your unique customer research needs.

Every time you build a poll, it will automatically save as a draft to your poll dashboard, so you can always pause and come back later to finish it.

The Poll Builder is also a great learning guide because we've added helpful tips along the way – identified by a small question mark ("?") next to each step. These tooltips will give you suggestions and link to relevant help articles.

Templates (formerly known as Combos)

Templates are pre-built polls offered at a discounted rate, based on our most common use cases and formatting best practices. They help users save money and cut down on option fatigue from the many customizations available in the regular Poll Builder.

Templates are especially helpful for new users who might need extra guidance on using focus groups, or for anyone in a hurry who wants to attach their images and launch polls quickly.

If you're able to find the use case you need, then Templates are a great fit for you – just know that because they're typically discounted, customization is limited to the parameters set in each Template.

For example, in the Amazon main image optimization test below, you can only include two images and target an audience of 50 U.S. Amazon Prime members plus one other demographic trait. If you wanted more images, respondents, or niche targeting, you'd need to design your own poll.

There are several Templates to choose from based on your specific polling needs, and we're always adding more. If you don't see the use case you want, please reach out to our CS team through chat or email (

Team Templates

Team Templates are pre-built polls made by yourself or someone on your team that only you (and your team) have access to. These are ideal for users or teams who run the same types of polls consistently with only minor changes. You can create as many Team Templates as you want, duplicate them, and share them.

While logged into your PickFu account, they can be found in the Poll Builder by filtering for "Team Templates" and under the "New poll" dropdown at the top right.

Here's an example of what you'll see on the Team Templates dashboard. You can build a new Template or view the list of existing Templates. From the list of existing Templates, you can create a poll from one of them (which is still editable before you launch it) or edit, duplicate, share, or delete Templates.

Team Templates are especially helpful if you're running the same polls over and over with only small adjustments to the creative assets, question, or audience. Our customers on the Team membership plan love them because managers or leads can establish repeatable polling best practices for all users. No matter how you use Team Templates, they’re a great way to save time and minimize errors when formatting your polls.


Drafts are similar to Team Templates, but are saved versions of the polls you build that aren't published yet. Drafts will wait in your account dashboard until you're ready to launch them. When you create a new poll in the Poll Builder, it will auto-save as a draft.

Poll vs. surveys

As a side note: many of our customers refer to PickFu tests as surveys – but in the traditional market testing industry, a poll is a single question posed to an audience.

With PickFu, you can choose between allowing an open-ended response (respondents type their answers to your question) or multiple choice (they choose between or rank the options you give them).

A survey is another name for a questionnaire that allows for multiple questions within a single test. Although this functionality isn't available yet on the PickFu platform, we are in the process of releasing this product by the end of 2023.

If you aren't sure about which poll formatting option to choose or have any other questions, don't hesitate to chat or reach out to We'll be happy to help. Happy polling!

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