Topics covered in this video:

  1. Logging in (0:15)
  2. Writing your question (0:47) - also refer to Writing unbiased questions
  3. The difference between a PickFu comparison poll and an Open-ended poll (1:27) 
  4. How to embed video in your poll options (2:01) - or refer to How to test videos
  5. Previewing your poll (2:16)
  6. Uploading images to your poll (2:53) - or refer to How to test images
  7. The difference between a Ranked poll and a Head-to-head poll (3:54) - or refer to Testing more than two options
  8. The difference between the PickFu Panel and My Own Audience (5:47) - or refer to Choosing your audience
  9. Audience targeting (6:26) 
  10. How the Pricing Calculator works / PickFu Membership plans (7:23) - also refer to How much will my poll cost? and Why should I pay for a Membership?
  11. Poll Reporting options (7:56) - also refer to Poll privacy and Downloading results
  12. Checkout (8:48)
  13. What a completed poll looks like (9:14)
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