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What happens when I publish a poll to the PickFu panel?
What happens when I publish a poll to the PickFu panel?

What do respondents see? What does my poll look like as it's gathering data?

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After you hit the submit button, here's what happens to your poll.

The respondents

As soon as your poll is published, it goes out to our panel of respondents. PickFu's panel is an online network of poll respondents. Panelists are paid to answer polls and do so on a first-come-first-serve basis. They have each signed a non-disclosure agreement and are bound by PickFu quality controls to give you helpful, honest insights into the question at hand. If you added audience targeting, only panelists who have previously submitted demographic information that match your target parameters will be invited to answer your poll.

What respondents see

Respondents see a different view of the poll than your results page.  They can only see your question, not others’ answers or any identifying information. 

While polling is active

The amount of time it takes to fulfill your requirements can take anywhere from just a few minutes to several hours. Responses show up instantly in your results. The more targeted your audience, the longer it could take.

If you see a response that’s particularly insightful, you can mark it as "Helpful". Conversely, if you find an answer that’s not up to snuff, flag it by marking "Not Helpful", and we at PickFu can take action such as banning the respondent from future polling.

When polling is complete

Once the surveying is complete, the page will reload with final results and you’ll be emailed that it’s done. 

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