Since you can only test one image per option with PickFu, if you would like to test a set of images, such as a single design or color concept in several examples, you can compose a collage as your single image.

How to create a collage

You may create a collage for your images using any collage maker app or any online collage maker that you prefer.
Here are a couple simple online collage makers that you can use:

  1. Select the number of images that you need. 

  2. Choose a template.

  3. Add your images.

  4. Drag and drop the images on the canvas and make the necessary adjustments.

  5. Save the collage.

Once you have created your collage, you may proceed to creating your poll to test the sets of images you have.

  1. From the PickFu home screen, click +New Poll

  2. From the Poll screen, there are two ways to add an image:

Option 1 - Click the camera icon to upload a file from your computer.

Option 2 - Drag and drop your image inside the box.

You can add a third image by clicking the +Add 3rd Option button.
Important Tip: Before you proceed to Checkout, use the preview your poll button to see the images you added, and if any changes are needed.

Image Format and Dimensions

  • 10 MB max image file size

  • Ideally, your images should be at least 500 pixels wide with similar aspect ratios if comparing two or more. Larger images will be resized down to 500 pixels wide and respondents may click to view a larger version.  

Accepted Files Types and File Extensions

  • AI (Adobe Illustrator) - .ai

  • animated GIF - .gif

  • animated WebP - .webp

  • BMP - .bmp

  • DjVu - .djvu

  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) - .ps, .ept, .eps, .eps3

  • FLIF (Free Lossless Image Format) - .flif

  • GIF - .gif

  • HEIF3 - .heif, .heic

  • ICO - .ico

  • JPEG - .jpg, .jpe, .jpeg

  • JPEG 2000 - .jp2

  • JPEG XR (JPEG eXtended Range) - .wdp, .jxr, .hdp

  • PDF - .pdf

  • PNG - .png

  • PSD (PhotoShop Document) - .psd

  • Raw image files - .arw, .cr2

  • SVG - .svg

  • TARGA (Truevision TGA) - .tga

  • TIFF - .tif, .tiff

  • WebP - .webp

Here are some online tools for adjusting your images and photos:

Resizing your image (choose "center" alignment and input the width to be at least 500 pixels; use the same dimensions for all your images)

Bulk resizing multiple images to the same dimension

Converting your PDF to images

General online image editor

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