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What can I test? Text, images, videos and links

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You can test text, images, links, or even video. Just make sure your options are all the same type of content.


Type your text directly into each option text box. The maximum length for your text is 5,000 characters. HTML and rich text formatting are not accepted. If you’re testing a particular text style or font, we recommend you use an image. 1,000 characters per option are included in the base price of a poll; additional characters are prorated accordingly.

<img alt="question and poll options content" style="width:auto;">


  • To upload an image or animated GIF, click on the camera icon in the Add your options text box of the Poll Builder. Your browser's file prompt will open to select an image to upload.

  • Alternatively, you can use drag-and-drop the image directly into the text box:

In either case, the image should start uploading right away. For more on image requirements, follow our guide to uploading and testing images.

<img alt="question and poll content in images" style="width:auto;">


When you type or copy/paste a single URL into the option text box, it will be a clickable link that takes respondents to an external website or landing page. If you enter additional text with the URL, it will not be clickable.

<img alt="question and poll links options" style="width:auto;">


<img alt="question and video images content options" style="width:auto;">

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