PickFu polls are priced on a per-response basis.

The price per response is determined by your subscription plan. For example, a 50-person general population poll starts at $50 on the Free Forever plan, but only $30 on the Business plan. 

On the Free Forever plan, each respondent starts at $1. You have the option to add targeting or features which will add to the cost — for example, if you want to compare more than two options on a poll or increase your respondent pool to 100 people. See how add-ons and targeting affect your poll price using our Pricing Calculator.

As you create your poll, the calculator on the right will update. Your subtotal reflects the features you choose and your current plan rate. From this window, you will see the account balance that will be applied (if any), and you may also add any promo codes or discounts before continuing to the checkout. Be aware that only one coupon may be used per poll; you may not stack coupons.

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