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Why should I pay for a membership?
Why should I pay for a membership?

Free Forever or Professional Membership — is it worth it?

Updated over a week ago

Membership is never required on PickFu. However, if you plan on running more than three polls per month, the Professional Membership plan can add up to significant savings. You will also unlock premium features available only to Members. There is no minimum commitment, and you may cancel anytime.

Benefits of Professional Membership

Monthly loyalty coupon: Starting in the second month of your plan, we provide a coupon every month to save an additional 15% on one poll.     

Discounted rate per response: On the Free Forever plan, each response begins at $1. With a Membership, your price per response begins at $0.95.

Increased audience size: Poll up to 500 people respondents at once. 

Additional targeting options: Target a niche audience by mixing and matching up to four demographic traits at one time.

Advanced insights: On the Free Forever plan, your results will only show the age and gender of your respondents. As a Member, you'll unlock additional demographic information about respondents, such as ethnicity, education level, and income.

Flexible reporting: Members may download poll results in a .csv, .pdf, or .png file.

Phone consultations: Members may request phone consultations to have questions answered personally by a PickFu professional.

Easy API integrations: Leverage PickFu's API integration to access poll result data.  

If you're looking for ways for your team to collaborate while using PickFu, consider our Team Membership plan. Team Membership includes everything offered under our Professional Membership, plus even deeper discounts, a team dashboard, and unified billing.

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