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You can see what the respondent sees when partaking in your polls

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How can I see what my poll looks like to respondents?

When you are building out your poll, you can open up a preview screen to see how it looks to our panel. This is a good step for you to see it from their point of view, but also to catch any last-minute errors or issues with your formatting. Here is what the preview looks like and below in the video is how to navigate to the preview screen:

What can they see when interacting with my poll?

They will be able to see your question, context (if any), the creative elements (aka options) that you've shared with them in randomized order, the respondent feedback space (where they type their answer) and then the demographic confirmation space.

What can they NOT see when interacting with my poll?

  • They don't see your information, so they have no idea who you are.

  • They don't see each other’s responses so there is no bias or skewed results from looking at other respondent's answers.

  • The final result.

  • Once they submit their answer, they can no longer interact with the poll unless you ask a follow-up question directly.

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