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How to use PickFu to improve your Amazon main image
How to use PickFu to improve your Amazon main image

Improve your clickthrough-rate (CTR) with a better main image

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When it comes to optimizing the main image on your Amazon product listing, one of the most challenging aspects is understanding how it compares to your competition. Fortunately, PickFu is an excellent tool that can help you achieve your goal of improving your main image.

PickFu is a powerful polling service that allows you to get feedback from real people. You can use this feedback to optimize your Amazon main image and drive more traffic to your listing.

Here's a three-step process to help you optimize your main image using PickFu:

Step 1: Baseline test your image against your competition

The first step is to establish a baseline of your image to identify areas of improvement. You can do this by running an open-ended audit poll, a Head-To-Head poll, or a ranked poll where you take your main image and the main image of your competition and test them against each other. This will help you understand why you might be losing sales to your competitors, even if you didn't lose in the overall score/poll results, you'll be able to determine what improvements you can make based on reading the comments. Simply ask a question like "If you were shopping on Amazon for a healthy new snack bar, and saw these options, which would you choose and why? What do you not like about the others?"

By baselining your image against your competition, you can create a benchmark for your main image. This benchmark will help you identify areas for improvement and give you an idea of what your competitors are doing better.

Step 2: Iterate on your own variations

The second step is to run a test iterating on your own variations. Work with your designer to incorporate some of the feedback that you received from the first test into your new main image design. Continue to iterate on your variations until you reach a winning score of at least 70.

This step is crucial because it allows you to take the feedback you received from the first test and apply it to your main image design. By iterating on your variations, you can improve the quality of your image and make it more competitive.

Step 3: Test against the competition again

The third and final step is to test against the competition again (or if you haven't yet, but after applying changes). Take your new image and test it against the same images that you used in the first test and see if you've improved.

By testing your new image against the same images that you used in the first test, you can see if your improvements have made a difference. If you've improved your score, you can be confident that you're heading in the right direction.


This step-by-step process for main image optimization should yield immediate improvement in your search click-through rate. By using PickFu, you can be confident that you're making data-driven decisions to improve your Amazon main image.

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