About PickFu respondents

The panel of testers who answer the polls

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Who answers my polls?

The PickFu Panel derives from a broad set of US-based respondents that are paid to answer your poll questions. We use a variety of safeguards to ensure that the workers who participate in your polls answer them honestly and seriously.

If you create a poll with My Own Audience, then your poll’s respondents will be people who have clicked on your survey link through social media, email, or any other means by which you’ve shared it. 

Where do we get respondents?

We source our respondents from a variety of third-party panel services. Each respondent is US-based and paid a small stiped to answer polls. Before seeing any poll, respondents are required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). 

What are the demographics of the respondents?

The PickFu Panel is representative of broad US demographics. You can view the demographics of our workers here.

What country are the respondents from? 

All our respondents are in the United States (US). We plan on expanding to other countries, but they are not currently available.

How do I know respondents are in the US?

PickFu only works with US-based companies to recruit panelists. Because panelists are paid to respond to polls, we also verify their US tax information

How are respondents incentivized?

The PickFu Panel is paid to respond to polls, given bonuses when they perform well, and blocked when they are not helpful. Respondents are not forced to respond through content-blocking (like Google Customer Surveys).

Do respondents agree to an NDA?

Yes, our respondents are required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before answering any polls.  They are told to "Keep all information and assets confidential - do NOT record, copy, save, share or discuss these materials anywhere."

How can I avoid duplicate respondents? 

Respondents within any given poll are unique; however, a single respondent may respond to multiple polls. Therefore, if you want to ensure unique respondents for a particular poll, make sure to extend your poll by choosing “Get More Respondents” at the top of your poll page, rather than running a new poll.

Do the respondents see my results?

No. The respondents see a different page than the one you see, and there is no identifying information on it -- they only see the question and answer options. The only way a respondent would see your results is if it's posted in our public gallery, but even then, she is not able to change her given answer.

May I ask a respondent a follow-up question?

If a respondent’s answer is particularly insightful and you’d like to ask him or her a follow-up question, you may do so. Learn how

How do I become a poll respondent/tester to answer polls?

We are not currently accepting respondents. However, you may enter your email address to be notified should that change.

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