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About PickFu
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What is PickFu?

PickFu is an instant polling service for your creative ideas. You present ideas, such as a proposed book cover, mobile app icon, or block of copy, and our audience provides honest feedback in the form of votes and written comments.

What makes PickFu better?

  1. Insight: Our patent-pending polling service provides you both answers and analysis. See the explanations behind each choice, as well as demographic breakdowns of preference. You're bound to find an answer to your problem, as well as new angles to approach it.

  2. Speed: You get results in minutes and hours, not days or weeks.

  3. Simplicity: It takes less than one minute to ask a poll question. Results are easy to understand and actionable.

  4. Savings: Go ahead and compare. We deliver insights that others can't offer at a fraction of the price.

Why run a poll?

It's always smart to get a second (or third, or fiftieth) opinion for your important decisions, especially because the opinions that PickFu delivers are unbiased. It helps get you out of your echo chamber and arms you with quantifiable reinforcement of the best choice.

Who can run a poll?

Anyone can run a poll and discover interesting results. Many of our customers are small businesses, new startup ventures, e-commerce entrepreneurs, self-publishing authors, and internet and mobile gaming companies.

How much does it cost?

On our Forever Free plan, a poll with 50 general population respondents starts at $50. As you build your poll and add demographic traits or other features, our pricing calculator will update your total. We also offer membership plans to make polling more affordable.

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