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Can I add a caption to my image?
Can I add a caption to my image?

How to add more info to your images, and why we don't recommend captions or labels.

Updated over a week ago

Although it might seem like adding captions, titles or labels to your images is a straightforward way to give respondents more information, we've actually found that not to be the case and is why this feature isn't available on the Poll Builder. You may have noticed if you first typed text into the option field and then uploaded an image, it replaces the text with just the image and we've done this intentionally. In our experience, it actually leads to less useful poll results and in some cases can even cause skewed or biased responses.

Why we don't recommend captions/labels

  • Any additional information added to an image can distort results, as respondents may change their minds after reading the caption as opposed to seeing the image alone.

  • If respondents cannot differentiate between your images without captions, that's valuable feedback that your images are likely not distinct enough to sway buyers in real-world scenarios.

  • Most online marketplaces, app stores, and social media platforms hide or do not support captions, which means testing with them does not provide an accurate result compared to your launch scenario.

  • Captions/labels increase the poll complexity, both for creators and respondents. PickFu is designed to be the most accessible and straightforward consumer research tool, so we have deliberately kept the Poll Builder lean with only the features that you need to collect actionable feedback.

If you want to provide more context for respondents in order for them to make an informed decision, we recommend using the Question Context field, directly under the question, to establish details about the poll (such as additional info about your product that real-world shoppers would see if interacting with your listing online or if you're a game developer, it could be a gameplay description where you're setting the scene). Here is an example of a poll that used the context field to include additional information about the product.

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