Targetable countries

An overview of what markets, countries, and languages you can poll

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Are you exploring launching your product in a country besides your own and want to know what other markets think of it? Are you a seller that wants to know what your local audience wants from your products/services? Have you expanded internationally, but sales aren't what you want and you're trying to figure out why? Then you should try targeting your desired country to get the most relevant feedback.

U.S. (English-speaking)

Our primary and largest audience panel is in the United States. We target native English speakers so all responses will be in English. You can choose from over 90 traits (and we're always adding more) to reach your ideal market.

U.K., Canada, Australia (English-speaking)

The other English-speaking panels we have are the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. They are currently in beta so we are training and onboarding respondents, along with adding additional traits — not all traits are available for all countries based on their unique and local behaviors so make sure to scroll through your country of choice on our Poll Builder to see all options.

Germany (German-speaking)

For our respondents in Germany, they are native German speakers, but it's ok if you don't speak the local language — PickFu automatically translates your poll into German and their responses back into your configured language (English by default) for you.

If you have additional questions or want to request a new market/country that we don't offer (yet), please reach out through the little blue chat icon at the bottom of this screen or to and we'll get it added to our list to explore!

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