Poll option tips

Our suggestions to follow when sharing your creative assets

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Content types

  • You can and should test copy/text, images, videos, URL/websites and audio to drive your creative process in a safe environment before and after going public.

  • Any creative element that your consumers interact with should be tested- from the product description to social ad campaigns and everything in between.

  • For video and audio clips, they should ideally be under 1min each. Think of them in terms of advertising you see or hear every day- which are typically :15 and :30 sec slots.

Variables between options

  • We allow up to 8 separate options per poll. This is because the human brain can get fatigued and overwhelmed quickly if reviewing too much at once and we aim to avoid that. If you have more than 8 variations, we recommend breaking them up into separate polls and then taking the top 1-2 options from each and running a tiebreaker.

  • There should be a clear, discernable difference between each of your uploaded options- such as color or font. The audience should be able to quickly tell what the difference is and choose their preference accordingly.

  • Keep in mind, too many variables can skew the results because if every image is a different color, design, size, name, etc. it’s extremely hard to discern what they really liked or disliked about each option, making your job much harder. For example, they may have really liked the color in A, the font in B and the size in C, but chose D because of the overall design. They would have chosen another option if it met all 3 of their product desires which is critical for you to know when designing a new concept or looking for areas of improvement on a current product.

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