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Top 5 things to keep in mind when creating your question

1. Unbiased - avoid using assuming words, tones and questions like “how much do you love this”...it implies that the consumer loves it, when they may not. Instead, say “what do you like/dislike about this and why”.

2. Clear directive - make sure you give them a specific question to answer instead of just providing information about your product/service. If you don’t, then you end up leaving room for interpretation or assumptions to be made by the respondents on what feedback you are actually looking for.

3. Stick to one topic - don’t stack multiple questions about various topics into a single poll. The audience will likely only focus on the one that stands out first or resonates most with them. Pricing feedback, design input, function/feature preferences, listing or app store images should all be their own polls. When you break them up, the responses become more detailed and helpful. This will make your job easier on the backend when analyzing your results to know what your next steps should be.

4. Provide context - take the guesswork out of what your product/service does and don’t make assumptions that the audience understands what you need answers to, they see all industries and questions every day and can't read minds! Any information they should know about your product, make sure you include it in order for them to give their most informed opinion.

5. Use common terms - the general public (ie, your target market) won't be familiar with industry-specific keywords. These respondents are a sample of consumers, not marketing professionals (although some of them may work in marketing for a job, most will not). Think of the words your customers would use to describe your product or service, not what the industry uses. For example, you may know your product is called ‘depilatories’ when you order it from your manufacturer, however your customers aren’t going to use this term to search, they would most likely use ‘hair remover creams’.

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