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How does Seller Central work with PickFu?
How does Seller Central work with PickFu?
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Seller Central FAQs

1. Does PickFu integrate with my Seller Central or Vendor Central account?

No, PickFu doesn't connect to your Seller or Vendor Central account. You can run polls without any integration. Sign-up is free and setting up a poll takes only a few minutes.

2. Does PickFu do live split testing on my Amazon listing?

No. PickFu tests run outside of Amazon's platform with a target audience of respondents, not live Amazon shoppers. Unlike a traditional Amazon split test, you can use PickFu to test at any stage of your product cycle — even in the concept or pre-launch phase. Read this article on how you can use PickFu to optimize your Amazon listings.

3. Does PickFu see my live sales data?

No, PickFu doesn't have access to your Amazon sales data or any data from your Seller Central account.

4. Will running PickFu tests adversely affect my listing?

Not at all! The tests you run have no effect on your Amazon listings or sales. Think of us as a sandbox environment where you can test not just your listing but also product variations, copy, and packaging before you launch.

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