How do I know respondents are real?
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Well, first of all, our developers are flattered that you think so highly of their coding skills. But we were promised a future with jetpacks, and well… the technology just isn’t there yet.

While PickFu does use machine learning to maintain the quality of submitted answers, the answers themselves come from honest-to-God human beings.

Want proof? For Valentine’s Day, we surveyed 200 married people and asked them to tell us their marriage proposal stories. Show us a bot that could come up with answers like these:

  • “My husband asked, ‘How come you’re not married?’

  • “We met on Twitch, a gaming website where people stream their gameplay and chat with others. I was a streamer for a few months and met her. Little over a year later after moving in together, I proposed to her with the help of our favorite streamer. I made a donation so my proposal came up while she was watching, and the streamer made a big deal about it.”

  • “My now-husband knew that I saved little things from our dates and put them into a shadowbox that was engraved, ‘Will you marry me?’”

We have other “that’s-pretty-human” examples, too. For Mother’s Day, we asked 100 people to tell us the best advice a mom ever gave them. If you believe a robot can come up with “Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things,” then we encourage you to apply for a job at PickFu.

But if you’re still not totally convinced that our respondents are real, we challenge you to ask them a follow-up question. After any completed PickFu poll, you have the option to follow up with any individual respondent (for example, to get more detail or to clarify their answer). Members of the PickFu Panel often tell us that follow-up questions help them know that their input is truly valued.

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