Question Context

An overview of the Question Context feature.

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When you're creating a PickFu poll, you'll get the best results by crafting specific questions with instructions to your respondents. The Question Context feature is designed to allow you to provide even more context to your respondents.

To use it, just click the "+ Add question context" button below the question field (only available on the new poll builder):

You can add up to 500 additional characters or an image/video/audio file that further explains your question.

Use Cases

Set context for what the respondent should picture themselves doing while answering your question.

Share initial designs in order to collect informed decisions on new style or color ideas.

Ask respondents to "react" to an image or video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a 1-option poll or question context when doing Star Rating or Written Feedback polls?

  • Either works! We'll handle it on the backend and ask the respondents the right way, either way.

Does this cost any more?

  • No, except for video content. If you have a video in your context, it costs the same amount more as including video options, since we have to pay more for your respondents' time.

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