Custom Audiences

Don't see the audience you need? Let us build it for you!

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If you're trying to run a poll against an audience segment that we don't have, contact us though chat or email us at and we may be able to build a Custom Audience for you. 

What is a Custom Audience?

We will work with you to identify the proper audience segmentation of our panel of respondents.  If we can build your audience (it may take a few weeks to gather a large enough sample), we will add the custom audience to your account.  

How much does Custom Audience cost? 

There is no cost to build the custom audience, since we cannot guarantee that we can reach your segmentation (sometimes some niches are too hard to reach).  However, if we are able to build it, it will cost $200/month to attach the custom audience to your account.  Additionally, you will need to be on one of our monthly paid accounts.  

How do I use a Custom Audience?

Once a custom audience has been attached to your account, it will show up as a targetable audience.  Additional per-response fees may apply depending on the scarcity of the population segment of your audience.  These additional fees will likely range between $0.60 and $1.00 per response. 

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