Share results with your clients with a cobranded results page

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The cobranding feature is for consultants and agencies that would like to share PickFu results on a cobranded webpage. 

When you share the URL of your PickFu poll with a client that is not logged into PickFu, they will see a clean header with your logo or company name on the left-hand side of the header.  Additionally, there will be no PickFu-related footer links. 

How to add Cobranding to your account

  1. Sign up for a paid membership account (either Professional or Team). 

  2. On your account home page, look for the Plan section on the right-hand side and click the More plan details link.  This will take you to the page to make adjustments to your plan. 

  3. Click the Add cobranding link.  You will be taken to a checkout page where the prorated fee will be listed.  This prorated amount is based on the monthly cost of cobranding calculated until the end of your billing period.  When your plan renews, the full cost will be added to the charge. 

How to change your Cobranding settings

  1. Once you have cobranding added to your account, there will be a Settings link next to the Cobranding bullet item on your Plan section.  Click that to go to the cobranding settings page.

  2. On the settings page you can either add just your company name or your logo.  If no logo is given, your company name will be displayed. 

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