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Team seats and shared access
Team seats and shared access

Share your PickFu account with your colleagues

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About team access

By default, accounts on PickFu are for individuals. If you work in a team and would like to share your polls, payment methods, and prepaid credits then using PickFu as a team is for you!

Team functionality is available on our Free plan for 3 users and on the paid Team subscription plan you can have unlimited users and get detailed reporting on each member's credit usage.

Benefits of team access

  1. Shared prepaid credit and payment methods. This allows you to have a single person in charge of payments and accounting. Our paid Team plan also includes more detailed breakdowns of how much credit was used per person.

  2. Team member poll visibility. Each team member can see each other's polls.

  3. Increased security. Our systems monitor multiple logins and logins from different locations to prevent account hijacking. If suspicious activity is detected, login will be blocked so it is safer to have each individual use their own sign in.

What plans have teams?

All of our plans have teams!

  • The Free Forever plan can have up to 3 team seats.

  • The Professional plan can have up to 5 team seats.

  • The Team plan can have an unlimited number of team seats and includes more detailed reporting on per member usage.

Team seat roles

  • Admin - can invite members, change payment methods and team settings.

  • Member - can run and view polls using shared credit.

  • Viewer - (coming soon) can only view polls, but not run them.

How to use teams

Creating a team

Creating a team at plan signup

When you sign up for a plan with team seats, you will be given a choice of create a team organization. Enable the checkbox and name your team.  You are able to change the team name at any time.  

If you sign up for a plan with team seats but do not choose to enable team access, the plan will apply to your individual account

Creating a team manually

If you would like to convert your account to a team, submit this form and someone from our success team will process your request.

Inviting team members

Look for the Invite Team Members link. Clicking it will pop open a modal window with a link to share via email, Slack, etc.  Anyone who clicks that link will be prompted to create an account or sign into an existing PickFu account.  Upon account sign in, they will be added to your team.

Removing team members

Go to your team members list as the admin and use the dropdown next to the name and select -Remove from team-.

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