Invoice and pay terms with PickFu

A quick rundown of the multiple payment options we offer

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Payment options

Credit card

Many of our customers use the pay-as-you-go option of loading a credit card to their account and use it each time they build and launch a poll. We process all card transactions through Stripe (read more about secured payments here).

Bulk credit

For those users who plan to run multiple polls per month and are looking for additional discounts and to reduce credit card transactions, you can load bulk credit to your account in different tiers (see current amounts and discounts here. If you are looking to purchase more than $30k, please reach out to


We also offer WeChat pay for those of our customers that prefer to process payments through the app (see more details here).


To our qualified, enterprise clients we also offer the ability to accept PO's and submit invoices to be paid through a wire transfer. For new users that want to see if you qualify, please first submit the form at the bottom of our enterprise page. If you have been using PickFu services already and wish to transition to invoicing for your annual plan payment and bulk credit purchases, please reach out to

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