If you work in a team and would like to share your polls, payment methods, and prepaid credits then the PickFu Team plan is for you!

Creating a team

When you sign up for a plan with team seats, you will be given a choice of create a team organization. Enable the checkbox and name your team.  You are able to change the team name at any time.  

If you sign up for a plan with team seats but do not choose to enable team access, the plan will apply to your individual account

Inviting team members

Look for the Invite Team Members link. Clicking it will pop open a modal window with a link to share via email, Slack, etc.  Anyone who clicks that link will be prompted to create an account or sign into an existing PickFu account.  Upon account sign in, they will be added to your team.

Team seat pricing

Your plan will include a set number of team seats.  Beyond that, team seats are $50/month.  When the number of team members goes higher than the number of included team seats on your plan, you are automatically billed.  You are immediately charged a pro-rata to cover their seat until the end of your billing cycle (this is based on the date of your initial membership, and whether you purchased monthly or yearly). At the start of your next billing cycle, your account is charged the full amount for each additional team member at that time.

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