What is credit?

Credits can be applied to the price of a poll. Monthly subscribers receive credits as a benefit of their membership. Subscribers may also purchase pre-paid credits to reduce the number of credit card transactions. 

PickFu accounts may also earn credits through referrals or refunds.  

Do credits expire?

Membership credits earned through one of our monthly or annual plans expire one year from the purchase date. We always use your oldest credits first. You'll get email reminders when any of your credits are close to expiration.

Purchased pre-paid credit never expires.  

How do I buy credits?

You can purchase credits as needed through one-time transactions. Pre-paid credit purchases are only available to subscribers on the Starter and higher plans. Credits may be purchased in increments of $100, $300, $900 and $3,600. Buy credits at https://www.pickfu.com/pricing/prepaid.

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