As you build your PickFu poll, several advanced features are only available if you're on a monthly subscription plan. For example, if you do not want your poll publicly listed and available to be indexed by search engines, you must subscribe to a plan to unlock the Poll Privacy feature.

However, if you are not subscribed to the required plan, you may purchase a one-time Feature Pack to unlock any of the polling features you may want to use.

Each Feature Pack may only be applied to one poll. In the previous example, when you purchase a Feature Pack and enable Poll Privacy on a poll, that poll will stay private indefinitely. However, if you run a second poll, Poll Privacy will return to your account's default setting (i.e., disabled on the Free Forever plan, enabled on any subscription plan). 

How much do Feature Packs cost?

Feature Packs are $12 for all the features on the Starter tier, and $30 for all the features on the Professional tier. You can compare features of each tier here

What's the difference between Feature Packs and subscription plans?

Feature Packs may only be used one time. If you intend to create more than one poll, you should subscribe to a monthly plan. You may cancel your plan at any time.

Feature Packs do not include member discounts. In addition to the features unlocked by a Feature Pack, monthly members also save on each poll they run through discounted pricing, pre-paid credits, and monthly loyalty coupons. Learn more about subscription plans here.  


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