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Non-profit Discount
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Tight budgets mean that every touchpoint with supporters needs to be maximized. The power of language and imagery can motivate change.
That's why PickFu provides up to a 50% discount for qualifying non-educational organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (applicable to poll costs).

How PickFu can help your non-profit

Test your messaging by polling our audience before sharing it with your own. Understand what motivates support, drives engagement, and fosters change. 

Ideas you can test:
• Direct mail concepts
• Fundraising letters
• Social media posts
• Videos
• Email subject lines and content
• Website designs
• and more!

Some of the non-profit organizations we've worked with:

• Freedom Forward
• EmpowerWork

Apply for the non-profit discount

  1. Get a copy of your organization's Form 990 and tax ID

  2. If your organization qualifies for the discount, we'll send you a coupon code that discounts any membership plan and all the polls run from your account. 

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