Our monthly subscription plans unlock premium features for businesses and entrepreneurs who use PickFu regularly. There is no minimum commitment, and you may cancel your subscription anytime.

Benefits of a subscription plan

Monthly loyalty coupon: Starting in the second month of your plan, we provide a coupon each month for subscribers to apply to a poll. Depending on your subscription plan, you could save 10-20% off one poll each month.     

Price per response: The plan you are on determines how much your poll costs. Poll pricing is calculated per respondent. On the Free Forever plan, a 50-response poll starts at $50.

Maximum responses per poll: Your plan determines how many people you may poll at a time. Poll 100, 200, even 500 people at a time with a subscription plan. 

Audience targeting: With this feature, you may limit who answers your poll. For instance, you might only want to poll women. With a subscription plan, you may add up to 4 demographic traits.

Advanced demographic reporting: On the Free Forever plan, your results will only show the age and gender of your respondents. If you want more demographic insight into your poll's respondents, such as ethnicity, education level, or income, a subscription plan is required. 

Downloadable results: Only subscribers may download their results in .csv or .xls format.

Multi-user teams: Share data more easily with a unified team account and dashboard where employees can collaborate.  

There are even more benefits to a subscription plan, such as phone support, prepaid balances, and API integration. Subscribe now!

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